Tips For Talking To Attractive Women For The First Time



After you start up an in-person conversation with an attractive woman, asking "Do you come here often?" is the fastest way to end the conversation. Here are some helpful tips for making your first talk with her as effective as possible.


There are two schools of thought on this which can be summed up by simple advice: 1) at church, or 2) in a bar/pub. Supposedly this will get you entirely different types of women, but that advice may be outdated, from times when churchgoers and pub crawlers did not mingle. Nowadays a lot of people do a bit of both. There is another school of thought which indicates a sociological division: maybe a class divide, but maybe not: if you want to meet girls, go to college.


Not everyone in their 40s is done looking for love. Today many are waiting until later in life to find their mate. They want to establish a career while others have been married, but are looking for love again due to divorce or even death.